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Stop with the misogyny!

Our very own Ainslie Paton has written a great piece over at Bookthingo, describing her frustration with the way some romance writers (and publishers) blur the lines between ‘alpha male’ and ‘entitled doucheturnip’. Here’s an extract: Romance is a lot … Continue reading

Escape Publishing - A Novel Approach

Welcome to Escape Publishing, the digital-first division of Harlequin Australia, and your next heart-stopping, sigh-inducing, happy-ever-after ebook straight to your eReader!

Life’s finest moments are full of romance, and romance readers know what we want out of life.

We want fresh, involving stories about exciting people simply meant to be together, no matter what.

We want to be absorbed by action, adventure, and awe-inspiring worlds, or fascinated by the experiences and emotions of characters we can fall in love with.

Sometimes we want glamour or humour, other times it’s history or suspense. Always it’s an escape from the everyday to the happiest times of all.

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