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Caitlyn Nicholas

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Caitlyn NicholasCaitlyn Nicholas is a Sydney-based author, blogger and stay at home mum. She lives with her two beautiful girls, a magical black cat (who is 18 years old and still catching mice), a gold plated Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (who likes to eat bees and be rushed to the vet), a long suffering husband (who is an excellent proofreader), and four chooks (who enjoy digging up her vegetable garden). Caitlyn began writing in 2005. Exhausted, pregnant and coping with a demanding toddler, she decided the time was right to embark on a writing career. To her family’s eternal startlement she is now the author of four novels, a short story and a novella. Her debut novel and the first manuscript she had ever written, Running Scared, was published in January 2007. Her second book Secret Intentions was published in 2009. Drive Me To Distraction was published in November 2012 and her novella The Danger Game will be out in December 2012.

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