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Elise K. AckersElise was a storyteller before she was a writer. For hours on end she would recount every moment of her kindergarten days to her mum, pausing often for dramatic effect. She would help her dad finish bed-time stories - sending the family dog and cat to the moon, amongst other adventures. And almost from the start her parents knew. They just knew what she'd grow up to be.

In later years she wrote plays. Her older brother was the lighting designer and the sound producer and she was the leading lady, the hero and the villain. She wrote and distributed a weekly family newsletter and had a hand-made mailbox taped to her primary school desk to accept letters from friends who were co-authoring an epic animal adventure story.

In highschool she co-authored numerous books of fan fiction: her sections invariably brought her favourite TV couples together. She "published" her first work of romantic fiction in eighth grade. It was passed around and praised, but the reviews were hard to bear. That was the first and last time Elise killed her male hero. Turns out, it's just not done.

​Whilst studying Psychology at university she was really just learning how to better understand her characters, so she eventually took herself seriously enough to change majors and study creative writing and editing. Throughout her studies she traveled extensively, visiting the United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia and South East Asia. She wrote about all of it.

​Elise is now in her mid-twenties and lives in Melbourne. She's a magnet for unusual accidents, an animal foster carer, a laser tag enthusiast and a couch commentator. She attempted to learn four instruments before she accepted she wasn't musical and tends to end up on a plane when she's bored. Owing to a broken internal compass she needs to factor getting lost into her travel time.

She got her long awaited break when Small Town Storm began making a name for itself in the international competition circuit. A pitch at a writing conference led to The Call.

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