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Q: Escape Publishing is a part of Harlequin Australia, but how is it different?

Harlequin Australia is a traditional print publisher that publishes its titles digitally simultaneous with print. Escape Publishing is a digital-only publisher that publishes most titles in ebook formats only and some titles in print-on-demand format as well. Some other differences:
• Escape Publishing does not pay advances, but because of the different cost structures involved in digital-only publishing it offers a higher royalty rate than traditional print publishing.
• All Escape Publishing titles are signed with global digital rights and are distributed internationally. This means they are available via the following platforms: Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Apple’s iBookstore, Google eBooks, Kobo, Booki.sh and many others.

Q: What is digital-only publishing?

Escape Publishing publishes books first and foremost as ebooks. Our ability to make your book available to paying customers is not limited by print bookstore shelf space, which means we can accept more diverse titles from our authors. Publishing digitally also means that Escape Publishing can publish books much faster than a traditional publisher.

Q: Why publish with Escape Publishing?

At Escape Publishing, our mission is to connect readers all around the world with the stories they want to read. We recognise and appreciate great storytelling in all genres, particularly in romance and if you are a romance author or reader, then you know that Harlequin IS romance. We know what good romance is and know how to make it sell. This is due to our close relationship to readers and our dedication to satisfying their need for good stories.
We also look after our authors: from acquisition to publication and beyond, we work with our authors in a partnership to make sure your book is the best it can be in terms of editorial and packaging, and is supported with great initiatives for sales, marketing and PR.

Q: How does Escape Publishing protect its authors against piracy?

At Escape Publishing we believe that the most effective way to fight book piracy is to make sure our authors’ books are available globally and at a reasonable price.

Q: Do I need an agent to submit a book to Escape Publishing?


Q: Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

You are welcome to submit a manuscript to us that is also under consideration at other publishers. However, please do not submit simultaneously to Harlequin Australia and Escape Publishing. We would also ask that you let us know immediately if you are offered a contract elsewhere.

Q: Can I submit to Escape Publishing if Harlequin Australia has rejected my manuscript?

Yes, you can submit a manuscript that has been rejected by any publisher, including Harlequin Australia.

Q: Can I submit multiple manuscripts at once?

Yes. However, please send two separate emails, and ensure that you make it clear in the covering letters that you are the author of both submissions. We’d prefer it if you didn’t send more than one book in a series or trilogy.

Q: Will Escape Publishing publish my book in a paper edition?

Escape Publishing titles are available primarily as ebooks. However, for some titles we are open to making them available as print-on-demand. The standard Escape Publishing contract also includes the option to publish your book in a traditional print deal with Harlequin Australia if both parties decide it is worth doing.

Q: Does Escape Publishing pay advances?

No. Our author contract is strictly royalty based.

Q: Will my manuscript be edited?

Yes. Escape Publishing’s editorial process is virtually identical to Harlequin Australia and the same rigour and care is taken on every book published.


Q: Will I be charged to publish my book with Escape Publishing?

No. Escape Publishing accepts all production costs associated with editing, marketing and publishing its authors’ books.


Q: Do I have to live in Australia to be published by Escape Publishing?

No. Although Escape Publishing is based in Australia, we are a global publisher with access to all international ebook and print-on-demand markets, as well as an internationally focused marketing team.

Q: Can I submit to Escape Publishing if I am not living in Australia or New Zealand?

Escape Publishing is the digital-first romance imprint for Harlequin Australia and is dedicated to publishing authors from the Australian and New Zealand territory. If you live outside of this territory, you can submit to Harlequin’s other digital-first imprints:
-          Carina Press – representing authors worldwide
-          Carina UK – representing authors from the UK territory
If you have already submitted to these publishers and were rejected, or you would prefer to be published with Escape Publishing, you are permitted to submit to Escape Publishing (although not if your manuscript is currently being considered by other Harlequin imprints e.g. Harlequin Desire, Carina etc).
If you are an Australian or New Zealander currently living outside of these countries (e.g. in USA, UK etc), you are also permitted to submit to Escape Publishing.

Q: I’ve heard your books are available without DRM, is that true?

Yes it is. Some retailers still don’t support selling ebooks without DRM, but unless otherwise specified, all links leading from our site are DRM free.



Q: Is there a particular genre Escape Publishing is looking to publish?

We are looking for exciting new authors and fresh new stories in all sub-categories of romance, including (but definitely not limited to):
• Romantic Thrillers
• Romantic Fantasy
• Urban Fantasy (with romantic elements)
• Science Fiction Romance
• Dystopian
• Steampunk
• Paranormal Romance
• Contemporary Romance
• Historical Romance
• Saga (with romantic elements)
• Erotic Romance
• M/M romance
• F/F romance

Q: What is the word length do the stories need to be?

Stories can be any word length from:
• 5,000 – 10,000 (short story)
• 11,000 – 50,000 (novella)
• 50,000 – 80,000 (short novel)
• 81,000 – 100,000 (novel)
• 100,000+ (long novel)



Q: What we need from you?

• All submissions must have strong romantic elements
• All manuscripts must be fully-developed and completed, regardless of word count
• Manuscripts must be unpublished or self-published
• Normal genre conventions are fluid, but we definitely want that emotionally uplifted ending

Q: What you can expect from Escape Publishing?

• innovation: we’re excited about your ideas and we can’t wait to see the twists you bring
• community: one that is supportive of your story, your ideas, and your rights as an author
• timeliness: all submissions will receive editorial communication within two weeks of submission

Q: More hints for submissions


• Focus on main characters, main plot points and themes
• Don’t relate your work to the latest hot thing; let your work speak for itself!
• Make sure your synopsis answers all the questions raised in your plot —if we read your synopsis will we understand why the murderer committed the crime?
• Keep it simple


• First 3 chapters of manuscript in the following conventions
• 12 pt Times New Roman font
• 1.5cm indents
• double-spaced
• .doc .docx .rtf .pdf .txt files are accepted, saved in this way: TITLE_MANUSCRIPT (where your book’s title is in place of TITLE)