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Meet the Sydney housewives

Meet Virgina
Cool. Calm. Confident. Perfect. Nothing ruffles you or the perfect life you’ve built. But beneath your Perfect Socialite icy exterior lies the molten heat of a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get it. 


Meet Lana
This housewife is a woman who knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it. Public opinion has little impact on her life, her choices or her actions. She’s supremely confident, fiercely independent, and thoroughly individual. She may not agree with the choices of others, but she’s all about letting people live the lives they want.

Meet Nella
Elegant and classic, this housewife is the power behind the throne. She knows how to organise and run things to perfection, but don’t cross her – she can handle anyone and anything, and she loves a challenge. Other women are instinctively wary of her, but she feels deeply, and she’ll do anything she needs to, to take care of the people she loves.

Meet Sienna
Confident, privileged, and with a strong sense of her own worth, this housewife knows what she wants and she expects it delivered – pronto!  On the cutting edge of everything, she only wears, carries, and attends the very best. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t always lend itself to true friendships, so  she finds someone in her life that’s real, she holds on with both hands.


Meet Jorja
Fierce and assured, this housewife is headstrong, loyal, and secure, but she plays her cards close to her chest. Some people see her as icy, but beneath the enigmatic reserve her heart is true and open to those she loves. She is as confident and aggressive in the bedroom as she is in day-to-day life…and yet the thought of submission to someone she trusts secretly drives her wild.


Meet Meagan
Career driven and a mother, at times this housewife feels split in two. She loves to be busy and never says no to a new challenge, but when does she schedule in the fun? Sometimes all she needs is a bit of time being someone else – and she is an excellent actress.

Meet Christa
This housewife is cool, calm, and collected on the outside, but the unruffled exterior hides a wild rebel within. Others might see her as Ms Conventional with her perfect husband, perfect children and a household that runs like clockwork, but they have no idea of the games she knows how to play. This is a housewife that specialises in having her cake and eating it too!

Meet Emma
This housewife is bright, intelligent and loves her family, but she’s also sensitive and prone to worry. What she lacks in confidence however is made up in her artistic flair, charm and hidden sensuality. She is dedicated to her man and there is nothing she won't try to keep the fire in her relationship burning.

Meet Willow
A dreamy earth-child, this housewife believes she can change the world through love and compassion (and that dragons still exist). She is serene and self-assured, but sometimes lacks in confidence. Underneath the sweet girl demeanor is a naughty girl who is just waiting to escape.

Meet Camilla
Beautiful and youthful, the purity of this housewife’s soul shines through. She doesn’t invest in gossip and spite and instead focuses on the good in the people around her, and in spending time with the people she loves. Still, she can be easily hurt – and has been in the past. But the man of her dreams has helped heal old wounds and helped her confidence soar, and taught her a thing or two about herself as well.

Meet Darla
This housewife loves to entertain your friends, and will admit to anything embarrassing to make them laugh. What she lacks in stature she makes up with heart, though domestic goddess she is not. While her search for the perfect man has not turned up the love she desires, who knows what she will find around the corner? 


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