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Release date: 12/2012
Genre: contemporary
Imprint: Escape Publishing
Pagination: 175
No Strings Attached
by Bridget Gray

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eISBN: 9780857990068

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She saved his life, but she wants more from him than gratitude…

Mei Jing is feeling conflicted about not telling Rod that she is his rescuer. And as their relationship grows, her conflict is heightened after each date… She knows Rod is seeking the woman who saved his life, but Mei Jing struggles to find the right time to tell him the truth. Will she be able to trust that what she feels is his love for her or Rod’s gratitude for his rescuer?
Bridget Gray
Bridget always wanted to be an author when she grew up. Until then she has had a portfolio of careers ranging from Japanese interpreter, corporate trainer, outdoor recreation instructor and marriage celebrant.

Originally from Queensland, Bridget now lives in Fiji and works for an Australian aid project. When asked what his wife does for a living, her husband still looks confused. She quite likes her two children, loves red wine and caprioskas (no…not together) and dreams of owning a very...

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