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Release date: 03/2013
Genre: contemporary
Imprint: Escape Publishing
Pagination: 106
Falling For The Lawyer
by Anna Clifton

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eISBN: 9780857990334

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Alex Farrah has just one resolution: don't get sacked by the new boss. Enter one modern-day knight to rescue her from a run-in with a pile of mud. But will upending Alex's entire life be the next job on her knight's 'to-do' list, whether she likes it or not?

Legal eagle JP McKenzie has just one resolution: never get involved with a woman who won't stand up for herself. That is until a muddy Alex Farrah lands in his life with a crushingly big mountain of family expectation in tow. So what else is a modern-day knight to do?
Anna Clifton
Anna Clifton is a lawyer by trade and a mother to several children and a couple of cats. Her husband is not quite sure how her compulsive writing squeezes itself into the family schedule but, like all good heroes, he knows better than to stand in the way of the woman he loves when she’s on a mission. Anna lives in Sydney but escapes with her family as often as possible to Far North Queensland where she loves to catch up on reading amongst the mozzies and crocs—seriously! Adam’s Boys is her...