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Writing for Escape

Love is a serious business at Escape.

We take our promise to bring readers fresh and exciting love stories to heart.  The authors who write for us are artists, who know how best to appeal to emotions, create excitement, and deliver satisfaction guaranteed stories.

Escape authors are both experienced and emerging, and live all around the world.  The one thing they have in common is the talent to create memorable, walk-off-the page characters and tell lasting, memorable stories.

Because we’re serious about romance, we don’t accept stories that don’t contain a romance or romantic elements.

That means, among other things, hand holding, shy glances, spirited debate, longing looks, startled gasps, heart-melting first kisses, soul-feeding devotion, and hot sex.  Our stories can be sweet and behind closed doors, or so steamy they need their own exhaust fan. Because we’re serious about publishing, following the submission process is important. 

Please read and follow the guidelines carefully.

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